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Brave - это браузер, ориентированный на блокировку всевозможных механизмов "слежения" за пользователем и избавление отображаемых веб-страниц от рекламы. Наверняка вы знаете о том, что некоторые интернет-ресурсы и рекламные сети собирают данные о пользователях и используют их для подбора рекламы. Так вот, Brave не только отключает рекламу, но еще и сводит на нет работу подобных механизмов слежения, которые принято называть "трекерами". Таким образом пользователи данного обозревателя могут быть уверены в том, что слежка отсутствует. Помимо того, отключение лишних скриптов и графических элементов в веб-страницах значительно повышает скорость их загрузки. Для отключения трекеров при работе с другими браузерами можете пользоваться расширением Ghostery. Оно, по факту, выполняет те же функции, что и "Щиты Brave".

Что касается блокировки рекламы на страницах, то Brave предлагает пользователю несколько режимов работы. Он может полностью отключить отображение рекламы, запретить ее только на конкретных страницах, заблокировать только преимущественно "раздражающие" типы объявлений либо же отключить персонализацию рекламы под конкретного пользователя.

Других интересных преимуществ у браузера не так уж и много. В нем имеется инструмент совершения безопасных платежей, который препятствует перехвату платежных данных во время совершения покупок, присутствует встроенный менеджер загрузок и поддержка "приватных" вкладок, которые не фиксируются в "Истории" и не оставляют каких-либо других следов в системе.

Изначально браузер стоит на английском языке. Чтоб установить русскую версию надо будет
-в браузере кликнуть главное меню, дальше Settings/Advanced/Languages.
В строке Language установлен english. Чтоб поменять на русский надо нажать на Add languages и указать Russian.
После этого около поля Russian кликаете на точки и ставите галочку на Display Brave in the language.
нажмите Reload.

[u][b][url=]браузер brave[/url][/b][/u]

Crypto currency investment has rapidly grown to become one of the hottest topic in recent years. Early investors on cryptos like Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin are now wealthy with thousands, millions and even billions of dollars to their names.

Crypto currency investment presents lucrative investment option with lots of opportunities for investors to make cool money.
Currently, many ways exist by which you can invest your money, from farming liquidity on stablecoin pools to ICO and so on, and for the records some platforms offers up to 15% APY while farming liquidity on stablecoin pools.

Whether you are a beginner investor or you’ve been investing for quite sometime, crypto currency investment or trading can prove to be tricky even for pro investors. That’s why potential investors are always advised to do due research before buying or trading any asset.

The same way you can make a fortune investing or trading crypto, you can also lose much or all your investment if not properly handled.

So you might ask yourself, how can i lose money trading cryptocurrency? There are many ways and below are the ways you can lose money investing on crypto currencies.

Buying pump and dump schemes: this is a popular way crypto currency investors lose money. Here a group of people tricks unsuspecting investors into thinking that a particular token is real, they do this using well calculated techniques, once enough people buy in, they drain the liquidity leaving investors with a token they can’t sell or trade. A good example of this is the squid game token scam.

Farming liquidity on low quality platforms: liquidity farming is one way crypto currency investors can make daily income without doing much trading, here you simply add your assets to a liquidity pool and earn trading fees. The problem here is that some platforms are prone to attacks and you can wake up one morning to find out that the liquidity pool you added your assets to has been drained.

Buying tokens immediately after presale: So many people are yet to understand this. If you were not successful in buying the ICO please don’t buy the coin/token immediately after it is being listed for trading. The reason being that investors usually take their profit at this time and if you are unfortunate you may lose a large percentage of your investment to early investors.

Not properly securing your crypto wallets and exchange application: Securing your assets should always be your top priority and shouldn’t be something you play with. Make any mistake and your assets are gone forever. Always make sure your seed phrase is stored securely somewhere (not inside your phone, email or in your gallery as screenshot), don’t save very important passwords in Google passwords or other passwords application, instead write them out and keep them somewhere secure. Always remember to use two factor authentication on all your trading applications.


Making trades based on emotions: if you enter a trade based on what you feel about a crypto currency, don’t be surprise when you loose money. Investing in crypto currency needs proper research although you can get lucky at times. Always make sure you do your own research before investing in any crypto currency. Things you can do include reading news about it, visiting their social media profile to see what users are saying about it and also looking at charts.

WhatsApp offers a unique and personalized way to connect with customers.

Unlike traditional advertising channels, WhatsApp enables businesses to establish a more direct and intimate relationship with their audience.

Here are some reasons why WhatsApp stands out as the ideal platform for your business growth:

Personal & Instant: WhatsApp messages are typically read within minutes of being received. This real-time interaction allows for instant engagement and customer support.

Global Reach: It doesn't matter where you are on the planet even if it is a hole. WhatsApp's global user base means you can reach customers worldwide.

Whether you're a local business or a global brand, WhatsApp can be a valuable tool for expanding your reach.

Rich Media: You can share text, images, videos, and even documents with your customers on WhatsApp. This versatility allows you to showcase your products or services effectively.

Customer Trust: Building trust is paramount in business. WhatsApp's secure end-to-end encryption assures customers that their conversations are private and secure.

Using WhatsApp for Business is not just building on a messaging app; it's a dynamic platform that can drive traffic, facilitate sales and foster progressive customer relationships.